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Marcos DK


About me

Hi! I’m Marcos DK

Many years ago I began to write stories of epic fantasy and I always wanted to illustrate my own works. Since I started working with 3D software I have not stopped learning and improving my technique drawing to drawing.

My illustrations have been selected among the best works recognized by various art communities:

  • Featured Artist (FEATURED PORTFOLIO) in the “Shadowness” Artist Community
  • 3rd. Prize of 3D illustration in the Euskal Encounter (Bilbao, 2011)
  • Several award-winning drawings in the Daz3D galleries.
  • Several award-winning drawings such as Daily Inspiration and Daily Featured in Shadowness.
  • Several times selected “Imangen of the Week” in RuntimeDNA.com
  • Winner of the cover page contest for the book published on the occasion of the “International 1,000 Story Words Contest” (2012)
  • Etc…

Currently, I dedicate much of my time to drawings, rather than to writing, doing works both for my personal use and on the orders of publishers and patrons.

At the same time, since the year 2016 I’m creator of 3D content, oriented mainly to the Daz3D/Poser community.